At Down To Festâ„¢, our goal is to bring you all the best festival goods, while we also empower the artisan community of the music festival world.

There are tons of good festival items out there, it's just (been) hard to find them all! Not anymore! We have travelled to lands far and wide to find the headiest gear on the planet, and aggregated all of the best items here on DownToFest.com.

Festival fashion is all about expressing yourself through unique, creative, and funny ways that have never been done before - A good outfit can help you meet people, turn heads, or make people laugh out loud - We are here to ensure you always have those experiences and we are searching daily for new vendors to increase inventory. Subscribe to our email for the latest product and artist updates!

Currently, Down To Festâ„¢, works with many small clothiers and vendors. People who are GREAT at making clothes or items, but might not have the resources or time to get their products promoted properly! That's where we come in, so when you support Down To Festâ„¢, you are supporting local artisans and their families from every corner of the globe!

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